Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holy Kris Kringle, it's almost here!!

With tomorrow being Christmas Eve Eve, as my kids have always called it, i realize just how fast the whole Holiday SEASON has gone by. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I anticipated all year long. I love everything about December leading up to the big day...the decorations, music ,good tidings, etc. BUT with the business of everything ,including having 6 teenagers and a five year old, sometimes it goes by so fast you don't have time to just relax and be in the holiday moment. I have found that this happened this year much to NY dismay. Of course it's exciting getting the 5 year old all psyched up for Santa and all but I don't feel very festive. So I am glad that I had time tonight to realize that if I don't fully immerse myself in the holly jolliness of the next 2 days that it will be gone for 365 more days! I hope that each and everyone of you take your time to slow down and get in the Christmas spirit before it's too late. :-) stay safe enjoy your family and see you in 2014!